Kamei Lim


My current artistic practice draws heavily on memories and lived experiences, repackaged in a way that feels like casual storytelling. What initially started as an interest in overcoming a phobia surrounding death, turned into a fascination for the ways I rationalized certain events and experiences during a childhood of which majority was spent outside of Canada. Drawing from sources such as culture, family traditions, and superstitious beliefs, my interests lie in using my art as a medium to showcase filtered personal stories that play on levels of vulnerability and intimacy.

Although the heavy use of saturated colors, cute imagery, and dreamscape themes in my works initially served as a way for me to be able to stomach and comfortably explore a phobia, currently they have become a fixture in my art practice. I am very interested in the juxtaposition these bright and poppy images provide when used to communicate harrowing topics or memories.

instagram @notkamei

Consumption (2021), 24″x30″, acrylic on canvas.

SUPERBLOOM II (2022), 18.75″x13.75, silkscreen print.

Maintenance (2021), 20″x16″, acrylic and resin on canvas.

Meltdown (2021), 20″x16″, acrylic and resin on canvas.

remember to turn the lights off on your way out | Bachelor of Fine Arts 2022