Lily Jeon


I believe that landscape paintings convey memories and feelings to people. I painted locations that people have visited, imagined, or wanted to visit at least once. It is based on pictures, but I used various colors to present a dreamlike and ethereal feeling that cannot be captured in normal photographs, and maximized the colors to capture the beauty of nature I personally felt from the photographs in my painting. 

The artists I was influenced by are Fairfiled Porter, Phillip Gustin, Allison Schulnik and David Hockney. I painted using the distinct characteristics that appear in their paintings. I tried to paint these works based on my experience and memories more than last semester. I want the audience to feel nostalgic seeing my paintings.

A Girl in a Yellow Dress (2022), 16″x12″, acrylic on wood.

Cloud (2021), 8″x10″, acrylic on wood.

Sunset (2022), 8″x10″, acrylic on wood.

Lake Louise (2022), 8″x12″, acrylic on wood.

remember to turn the lights off on your way out | Bachelor of Fine Arts 2022