Hanna Dotzenroth


With so much anxiety for the future of our planet, my practice speaks to my desire to reconnect with a wider ecological community in order to build a more sustainable future. By finding ways to hold, wear, and become our food plants, this work helps me find hope in our ability to grow futures together with these more-than-human communities. As in Donna Haraway’s “The Camille Stories,” I am looking for ways to build reciprocal relationships in the garden as a way for us to extend our compassion beyond our own species.

Working in painting, printmaking, photography, and gardening, I think of my materials, both the living and the non-living, as collaborators and thus I try to preserve their agency within the work. In this way, seeds have become an integral part of my practice for their ability to hold and build futures. As we work alongside them to create a world that can sustain us all equally, we have much to learn by sitting in the dirt of our garden boxes. By becoming one with the plants that we eat, I am thinking about the continual reciprocity that happens between a gardener and their fruit, as the flourishing of one cannot happen without the other.

instagram @hannadmade
website hannadotzenroth.com

Seed bracelets (2021-ongoing), 3″x3″, compost, clay, vegetable seeds, cotton string

Lettuce head (2022), 36″x30″, oil on canvas

Garden bed (2022), 30″x36″, oil on canvas

radium 1970s & 2020 (2022), lino cut on mitsumata and sommerset

remember to turn the lights off on your way out | Bachelor of Fine Arts 2022