Devin Cypher


Influenced by personal connections to quilting and textile crafts, my current artistic practice revolves around the embodiment of emotions and memories within textiles and the role of art-making in wellbeing and healing. Combining printmaking and quilting techniques in a transformative and meditative process, my practice allows me to respond to materials while reflecting on my personal experiences. This reflection surrounds the transfer of intergenerational knowledge and the importance of identity and self-location within spaces we inhabit: in family, community, physical location, and connection to the land. 

In my practice, I strive to reconnect with intergenerational skills and traditions while adapting them to fit my contemporary experience. I respond to tradition by combining familial and new skills. My practice examines connections between people, then explores those connections through tactility, storytelling, and personal narratives. I am constantly doing my best to learn and grow through art while teaching and connecting with others.

instagram @devin_cypher

Wrap Yourself in This Place (2021-22), 90″x80″, monoprint & lino relief on reclaimed fabric, quilted & appliquéd

I’m Moving Forward (2021), 16″x16″, collagraph print

Strange Comforts I (2022), 30″x24″, collagraph print

House on Stilts (2020), 24″x18″, hardground etching print

remember to turn the lights off on your way out | Bachelor of Fine Arts 2022