Emma Rockwell


I am an artist who enjoys working with many mediums, whether that be painting, screen printing or crafting with things such as yarn and pipe cleaners. The main theme throughout my artwork process is play. I admire the childlike sense of no limitations on the imagination type of creation and aim to channel that when I am creating. I am interested in craft and its relationship to art but also the act of reclaiming creation from capitalist notions of productivity.

instagram @rockwell.em

No Cavities (2021), 16″x12″, silkscreen print and crayon on rag paper.

Noggins (2021), 24″x30″, acrylic and collage on canvas.

Tub Time (2021), photograph.

Carrot Stix 4 Breakfast (2021), 8″x8″, mixed medium artist book

remember to turn the lights off on your way out | Bachelor of Fine Arts 2022