Boyd Webber


There’s a moment I have after experiencing a story or something that sparks my imagination where my mind runs and keeps running with untold ideas and inspiration. I love this feeling of euphoria of standing amidst a storm of emotion and ideas and wonder and this is where I draw my inspiration from for my works. Trying to capture the lightning in the bottle just right so that there’s enough chaos left to be ambiguous and abstract but not so much that the entire work is lost in a jumble. For me the experience of the story and then creating this response and dialogue to in my works is where I feel the most at peace and when there is the possibility for so much turmoil and chaos it can be nice to have a moment of reflection.

instagram @boyddrew00

Growth and Rot (2022), 63″x45″,
silkscreen print on sommerset.

Cove (2022), 37″x27″, silkscreen print on coventry rag and PETG.

Tumultuous Broth (2022), 11″x96″, acrylic.

Blue Lake (2021), 5″x36″x12″, acrylic.

remember to turn the lights off on your way out | Bachelor of Fine Arts 2022