Jungeun (JJ) An


This body of work is an exploration of my obsession with internet culture. Everyone’s experience online is vastly different but shares similarities like any other cultural experience we encounter outside of the digital world. My series of paintings depicts my personal experience with the internet as an Asian woman, but elements of my work can resonate with a larger audience. 

The internet is portrayed as an omnipresence that we can’t escape. It is raw and naked, yet sharp and reserved. The works contain a variety of mediums, highly pigmented neon colors, patterns and mark makings. This excessive use of different techniques mimics the feeling of sensory overload while using the internet. Flashy imagery and portraits of girls—an alter ego or avatar of some sort—expose the viewer to momentary emotions that quickly change over to the next.  

While I am interested in internet culture, my primary source of interest lies in the aspects of fashion, consumerism, psychological effects, and the portrayal of the human body. As I find most experiences on the internet are immediate and short-lived, I used patterns and vivid color palettes to mimic that effect. To further emphasize the sensory experience of my paintings, I used a variety of mediums such as rhinestones, puffy paints, and reflective papers. It is crucial for my works to evoke the temptation of touch, hear, and taste. The figurations of fashion models depict modern influencers marketing themselves as pretty objects, idealized imagery, or a fashion item, more so than a human being.

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Daydream (2021), 24″x18″, mixed media

Hound’s Tooth (2021), 24″x18″, mixed media

Mirror (2021), 12″x9″, mixed media

Diamonds (2022), mixed media

Study 1, mixed media

remember to turn the lights off on your way out | Bachelor of Fine Arts 2022