Maddison Post

Maddison Post is a 21 year-old artist residing in so-called Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Maddison has her Diploma in Fine Arts from MacEwan University and a BFA from the University of Alberta. Maddison focuses her practice in storytelling and creating narratives based off of research and personal connections. The creation of sculptures, videos, sound pieces, and installations fuels Maddison’s multi-media practice. Maddison uses her art to work through her own personal identity, creating personal connections with audiences as a way of relatability and accessibility. Maddison uses her art to connect to people and their experiences, and hopes to create a career in the arts community. 

Artist Statement

My current practice focuses on my identity and experiences in the world as a young female artist. I root my work in storytelling and lessons that I have learned from my family, and my own experiences growing up as a young woman in this modern age of technology and connectivity . I use the creation of narratives and story telling to explore themes of interest such as cultural heritage, family history, pop culture/current events and my current focus existentialism in a crumbling world. My practice takes form in crafting, drawing, sculpture, video, sound and installation. I value exploration and play in both materiality and research, while also making personal connections to my influences for my work being my family and my own histories and personal identity. Through my practice I am attempting to figure out what I value most about life, through honest and authentic creations.

Matrimonial Freedom, 1.25 ft x 0.7 ft bust, White chiffon fabric, lace, ribbon, plastic baby paraphernalia, LEGO chains, safety pins and mirror, 2023

Baby Lamb and Mama Lion Blanket, 47”x 63”, Blanket felt, 2022

A Small Pebble in a Big Ocean Blanket, 47”x 63”, Blanket felt, 2022

The Orb in The Fort, 14”x 30”x 10”, Spray foam, pearls, gold cord and LED light, 2022

Softcore Armour, 17” x 41” x 22”, Polyfil, nylon, multimedia cut-outs, confetti, wire, 2022

ig: @Madddddisonn and @whatidoinartschool