Sam Fedun

As a transgender man, I am always aware of my body and how others perceive it. I have physically and mentally changed so much just to be recognized as I am. The main idea behind my work is illustrating the ways the body is constantly gendered, and abstractly presenting my anxieties and dysphoria. Throughout my work, I use the forms of animals (both real and mythical) as a stand-in for my own body. I play with ideas of gender and dysphoria by using colour, animal and human gender indicators, and text in my pieces.

I enjoy experimenting with mediums, styles, and sizes to create different feelings. When I go into detail on my larger critters, I want viewers to feel some sense of discomfort and intimidation when sharing a space with these creatures. When I work at a small scale and use simplistic paint application, I want to amplify a feeling of childlike innocence that is sharply disrupted by details like the deep scars and harsh transphobic phrases marked into their little bodies.

Chest Dysphoria, polymer clay, acrylic, paint, faux fur, wire. 5” x 48” 2019

Queer Creatures, airdry clay, acrylic paint, clear varnish. varying 2”–5” 2019

Critters, polymer clay, acrylic paint. varying 1”–2” 2019–2020

Goat, found spayed and displaying male traits. polymer clay, acrylic paint, faux fur, wire. 12” x 10” 2020