Meredith Nargang

As an artist, Meredith is fascinated by how a technical understanding of light, shadow and color can create the illusion of three-dimensional objects on a two-dimensional surface, and how thoughts and feelings can be conveyed by this imagery. These interests compel Meredith to pursue a future in producing art. She is drawn to contemporary realism. Meredith is inspired by artists such as John Singer Sargent and Philip de Laszlo. These artists combine realism with abstract mark-making to create compelling images that utilize various degrees of rendering. Meredith’s time at the University of Alberta has helped her to refine her interests and to understand the direction she wishes to take in the future. Meredith intends to continue learning and growing as an artist now that her time with the University of Alberta is over. Meredith hopes to develop a deeper understanding of technical practices, rendering, composition, and conceptualization.

Myself as Artemisia’s Allegory of Painting, oil on canvas. 2021

Self-portrait Study A, oil on canvas. 2021

Self-portrait Study B, oil on canvas. 2021

Self-portrait Study D, oil on canvas. 2021

Lockdown (Triptych), oil on canvas. 2021

Unit 17, acrylic on canvas. 2019

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