As a conceptual and visual artist, I specialize in painting and intermedia art practices. My focus is on performance and wearable art, serving as an extension of identity and experience. The physical interaction of the art with the body functions as the performance element, the temporal and temporary portion which only exists in the moment.

I am also interested in how the passage of time impacts people, as well as how things exist within the context of their environments.

Inspiration often comes from myths and fairytales, combining metaphor and reality.

Childhood provides me with many found objects, also a source of inspiration and meaning, while creating a dialogue that generates an awareness of what is perceived as the “other ” in society. This awareness questions what is considered normal.

Latitude: 53.876922, Longitude: 119.130256, Altitude: 199 meters 2018

Ophelia, woodcut. 20” x 15.75” 2019

Does This Sentence Make Sense?
30 minute performance, wearing velvet garment, weighing 27.6 pounds, sand and wooden structure. 2019

Red Checkmark or X, childrens’ desk in a university classroom, 45 min performance, 2019

The Stuffy Coat, stuffed animal faux fur coat. 5” waist, 20” arm length, 29” 2019

Abandoned One, acrylic paint, 24” x 30”, 2019