Marilyn Langevin

Women who challenge oppression, whatever form it may take. Women who do more with less, who triumph over abuse and poverty of mind, heart, soul and economy. Women who have the intestinal fortitude to do what must be done for themselves, their families, our world. It is the voices of such women in Marilyn’s life, past and present, that she explores in this series.

 In addition to traditional paint and charcoal, Marilyn uses materials that range from the everyday, for example Kleenex and tinfoil, to marble, the most coveted material of ancient and renaissance sculptors, to tell the stories of women who made and are making legacies that inspire and endure. Sometimes, her vision is clear and it shapes the materials. Other times, the materials shape into clarity what begins as an inkling of what she wants to say. Marilyn’s goal is to acknowledge and honor the women in her life who are unsung heroes, who march forward everyday using every gift and resource they have. 

Grace, cheesecloth, coffee, flour paste, Kleenex, rice paper, gel medium, aluminum & tin foil. 2020
Translations 1 (Northern Lights), inkjet print on canvas, beads & thread. 2020
Translations 1.1 (Spirit Ascending), inkjet print on canvas, beads & thread. 2020

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