Marek Osedowski

My practice is primarily based on representations of the body expressed through the mode of surrealism. I use various forms of imagery and symbols to hint at a larger, cryptic narrative inspired by my fascination with alchemical illustration and other forms of esoterica. I regularly implement various elements of human anatomy to create uncanny combinations.

Drawing upon diverse sources—from the Surrealists, the Symbolists, the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and Art Nouveau, to writings on ritual dissection and the function of human anatomy within religion and spirituality—I aspire to strike a balance between the beautiful and the grotesque. Oil painting enables me to discover meaning throughout the process as I work steadily, layering transparent glazes to achieve more depth and colour variation. Although my primary medium and first love remains painting, my work also consists of printmaking and the occasional venture into the creation of art objects to elicit a more physical experience, which incorporates either print and/or painting.

Meat King, oil on canvas. 18” x 24” 2020

Anamnesis, oil on canvas wrapped board. 18” x 18” 2020

Kapusta, lithograph. 20” x 24” 2019

Matryoshka I, screen print. 12” x 16” 2019 | ig: @sinistern_art