Jeff Du

Jeff Du (Heng Du) is a 2020 graduate artist from the University of Alberta, Fine arts. Most of his painting focuses on social topics such as news, global environment and street rumors or landscapes. He believes that “living in today” is a unique power that makes contemporary artists special and distinct from the past. To Jeff, discovering every surrounding detail and being an objective social observer is the historical responsibility of artists. As an abstraction sculptor he explores the boundaries of art. Yes, art has boundaries, but he also believes that our imagination has no limits. We have so many questions about this world because of our unlimited ideas. Through his practice, Jeff uses found materials from the scrap yard. He tries to find every possible relation between each metal piece from the scrap yard and joins them together by welding. Then a newborn abstract sculpture is in existence with no meaning. It only carries meaning when people look at it with different emotions. We question life and we ask about meaning, but everything is born with no purpose. According to Jeff, art gives meaning, and so as humans we are unique in this universe. You can find more of Jeff’s work on his website at

Untitled 13 (come and see me!), mild steel, welded. 2020-21

new canvas (abstraction), paper clips & canvas. 2021
new canvas (waving), paper clips & canvas. 2021

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