Hollis Hunter

I am passionate about activist art involving transgender rights and visibility. With a visual arts practice, I am able to convey my own narrative while also creating positive representation for the communities I am allied with. The work I create addresses questions about the challenges of LGBTQ+ representation. Transfeminist activism paired with visual arts is powerful for navigating our precarious sociopolitical climate.

I consider figurative painting and sculpture to be strong mediums for exploring the politics of trans and queer identity, bodies, and representation. In both mediums, I take liberties with abstraction: expressive gestural marks and arbitrary colour are more important to my work than photo-realism. By creating paintings and sculptures of people, I am able to challenge the perceived authenticity of photographs and address assumptions about what certain bodies or identities look like.

My current work adapts images of queer-coded figures from mainstream media, and personal photographs of local community members. Mass media images of masculine-coded bodies and mass-manufactured toy dolls allows for the deconstruction of social ideas about sex, gender, and sexuality. This process creates a counternarrative to the representation of gender and sexual identity in media. My feelings of vulnerability while searching for intimacy heavily influence my work, which reflects my choice of imagery.

Lucky Baby, ceramics, 5” x 6” x 8”, 2020

Cognitive Dissonance, ceramics, 19” x 11” x 8”, 2020

Bastian, oil on canvas., 16” x 20”, 2020

Fur Baby, oil on canvas, 19” x 24”, 2020

Locker Room, oil on canvas, 19” x 24”, 2019

Loveseat, oil on canvas., 19” x 24”, 2020

Olympic Swimmers, oil on canvas, 19” x 24”, 2019