Heather Ferroux

I am a conceptual and visual artist with a focus on mixed media installation and printmaking. I have been exploring what it means to struggle with depression and anxiety, finding ways to cope, and what it means to try to heal. I have currently been exploring these ideas through escape used as a coping mechanism and the paradox created. While using a mode to escape may provide temporary reprieve, it in fact doesn’t do much to solve the issue at hand that you are escaping from. Instead I focus on the mode of escape, and transform those methods used for escape into methods that create healing spaces.

Through my current installation work of found objects, crochet, and embroidery, I am exploring the idea of art as a process for social and self healing by creating a space that fosters healing and therapy through the use of material and process work. I take the chaos created from my anxiety and with the method of crafting with my hands as a form of escape, transform it into a mode of therapy through the process of creating objects made from a repetition of stitches. It is the repetition that transforms into a type of therapeutic meditation, into a space that I find healing.

Is This Enough Yet, found object, yarn, thread installation. 2019

Impressions, paper, found object, installation. 2019

Evening Primrose, lithograph. 16” x 22”, 2019

The Way Home, collagraph., 16” x 25”, 2018