Hailey Brancato

Painting and sculpture are the primary vehicles for my work, wherein I make them both talk about the body and sexuality. My painting work speaks to truth and honesty in sexual situations, while separating themselves from the idea of gender. It focuses on the body as a genderless experience when put into the context of sexual experiences. I use both comedy and body horror to explore some of the different kinds of feelings that can be experienced in these scenarios. My sculpture speaks more directly to the darker sides of these interpretations, combining opposing emotions in order to put uncomfortable topics on display: fear, exhaustion, distortion of the self, and so on. I use a multitude of materials in coordination with these themes in order to create something raw and open, that you can feel. In all, my practices come together to create affective and intimate explorations of the body and the self.

Consumption, oil and acrylic on canvas, linen, and paper. various sizes. 2020

Darling, spray foam, DAP, acrylic paint and keratin wig. 2019

Tease, spray foam, acrylic paint and plastic wig. 2019

Toying, oil and acrylic on canvas and linen. various sizes. 2020