Gabby Keiran

Gabby Keiran is a frequent daydreamer, who has always been the type of person to imagine herself  in the positions of her favourite characters, travelling across fantastical lands, learning new skills, and accessing powers that she somehow always had hidden deep inside. Now, as a storyteller and artist, a lot of her time is spent trying to wrangle her hands into cooperating with the images her brain has been molding. For Gabby, character design has been a venue for these stories to take flight and come to life. Since she started drawing heads by tracing a pencil sharpener when she was 9 years old, Gabby has never seen the characters she creates as mere 2D images. She has always imagined their personalities and backgrounds, and sometimes their worlds become as real as our own. For Gabby, this is the struggle of every artist, to let people access these worlds and lose themselves in the fantasy we see so clearly. This is where she hopes her journey through art will take her, to a place where she’s able to invite viewers to see themselves and their struggles in the images of the characters she creates. Gabby hopes that through each story, she is able to resolve conflicts that viewers and participants may have been struggling with in their own lives as well.

In the Clearing, oil on canvas. 2019

Gleaning, digital painting. 2021

Step Into, digital painting. 2021

There Is No Direct Link Anymore, silkscreen & digital print. 2021

Magical Confidant, digital painting. 2021

Dreamer, oil on canvas. 2019

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