Dahlia (Chanyoung) Eun

Dahlia (Chanyoung) Eun is a Korean visual artist based in Edmonton, Alberta in Canada. She was born in Seoul, South Korea, and is currently finishing up her undergraduate degree of Art and Design at the University of Alberta. Dahlia’s main artistic direction lies in the use of painting, mostly using oils, and installation work that usually varies in the mediums of sculpture using light, photography, video, and writing. Her main artistic inspirations are born from the mundane, small, beautiful moments she identifies in her everyday routine, and the sentiment of memory that forms along with them. Recently, she is interested in the concept of connection between people, people and spaces, and how the little things in life allow her to recognize and explore the importance of gratitude. Overall, she likes to create artwork on the reflections of whatever emotional and mental state she is in; the middle ground of simply, being.

It’s More Than Simply Being Here, installation. 2021

II XIV XIV, oil on canvas. 2017

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