Ariana Ozga-Reinecke

 Ariana Ozga-Reinecke is a visual artist living in Edmonton, Alberta, located in Treaty 6 Territory. In 2021 she will receive her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Alberta. She has received numerous scholarships including the Justine Angelina Carswell Memorial Award in Fine Arts and Natalka Horeczko Scholarship in Painting and Print Design. Her practice frequently begins with digital photography and video performance which she then interprets and responds to using a variety of traditional media. The distortion that takes place through filtering her experiences through different lenses whether aesthetic, humorous, or through translation from one medium to another creates a space where weirdness is able to thrive. Thematically she addresses relationships between herself and others, the passage of time, and the bizarre silliness of existing physically and mentally in this world.

Sleepover, lithograph print. 2021

Home Space 1.0, digital video. 2021

Bubbleface Diptych, chine-colleéd lithograph print. 2020

Feel Better, watercolour on paper. 2020

Bubbleface Duo, watercolour on paper. 2020

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