Anna Korus

Since I can remember, I have been attracted to and inspired by nature. I could always sense the magical powers of the natural environment that surrounded me. I am interested in exploring what is known about nature and what lurks beyond our understanding; I believe that nature is more than what we see. This is why natural subjects, particularly trees, became the focus of my recent practice. Sacred trees with healing powers are found in multiple cultures. There is bountiful scientific evidence that trees have power to heal and that nature can impact our wellbeing; humans produce carbon dioxide that trees breathe and trees produce the oxygen that we need. Trees are essential to our existence.

My paintings represent my own connection to trees. They remind me of people, and in a way, could almost be thought of as my extended family. I am curious about their symbolism, metaphoric meaning, and mythology. The images I create are like personal diaries; they represent specific places and times that have touched me emotionally. I reference my own photographs, a starting point for my paintings, then I focus on what I remember and follow with my imagination. I rely on my own colour schemes and embark on a journey of discovery to explore various aesthetic elements. The results are paintings that blend both the observed and imagined.

Bad hair day, oil on canvas. 40” x 30” 2019

I spy, oil on canvas. 35” x 28”, 2019

Here we come, acrylic on canvas. 24” x 31”, 2019

Secret place, oil on canvas, 40” x 30”, 2019

Memories (diptych), acrylic on canvas. 40” x 16”, 2019