Ambar Azcorra-Dahl

Ambar Azcorra is a multidisciplinary artist originating from Mexico, but based in Edmonton, Alberta. Through visual mediums such as illustration, photography, ceramics, and printmaking she explores the concepts of identity, intimacy, getting to know the self and consciousness, and the dreamworld. She frequently incorporates nature and the human body into her works as vessels to address these topics, both on a personal spectrum, and a global perspective. Her works have been exhibited in both university settings and in private showings, and she will conclude her BFA degree by the end of 2021. Ambar draws inspiration from her personal experiences, particularly addressing the realm of emotion and the human experience. A lot of her works aim to evoke the sensations she has experienced in her audience, thus creating a dialogue between the art and the viewer. The following pieces all pertain from different bodies of works Ambar created in different explorations during her undergrad at the University of Alberta, all of them touching on the concepts forementioned in attempt to address the intricacies of the human experience.

contacto, digital print. 2020

contacto, digital print. 2020
a dream i had once, digital print. 2020
primavera, digital print. 2020

observaciones del ser, linocut print. 2021

observaciones del ser series, linocut print. 2021

arena, still from digital video. 2021

flores, still from digital video. 2021

raices, still from digital video. 2021

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